The Authority Academy Membership Is Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners Who Want To Become The Go To Authority In Their Industry.
  • Do you want more customers?
  • Are you struggling to find cost effective ways to build your brand and following online?
  • Do you want to build an email list of highly targeted prospects and generated leads on autopilot every day?
  • Do you want easy to follow systems and frameworks that you can apply to your business immediately? 
  • Do you want to be a part of a community that is focused around SUPPORT and accountability?
Hi There,

My name is Brett Campbell. 

I have something VERY IMPORTANT to say. 

This is not a get rich, do nothing, sit in your undies behind a computer on a deserted island sipping cocktails whilst getting a foot massage type of event. 
I am not here to tell you that you will start making seven figures in seven days by simply sending a couple of emails set on autopilot. 

That is B.S and quite frankly the thing that is unfortunately sabotaging the expert industry. Selling an unrealistic DREAM, yet only delivering an old oily rag.

(*Brett steps down from his soap box)

But there is great news! 

I am here to tell you however that if you follow the Authority Roadmap framework (TM), you can and WILL become a highly respected and highly paid Authority in your industry.

Without trying to toot my own horn, I think it's important to explain why you would even want to consider becoming a member of the Authority Academy Community. 

So here is a handful of achievements over the past 48 months that can give you some context.
  • Generated over 450,000 email contacts with over 45,000 customers globally
  • Built several Facebook fan pages to over 100k fans (1,000,000+ Eco System) 
  • Built and grew a Fitness Franchise from 1 to 35 locations in 6 months
  • Sent over 83 million permission based emails
  • Invested over $1,000,000+ on Facebook advertising (my own money)
  • Architected and built over 82 different conversion funnels
  • Have had multiple high five and six figure product launches
  • Generated 6 figures in 24 hours
  • Sought after speaker and expert in the area of entrepreneurship, online marketing, motivation and more 
I share this with you for one reason only. 

I am a GUY who is actually doing what they are teaching. I am not a "done a quick Facebook course and now I am an expert" or "want to be a coach before they have even done it" type of person.

I am "actually doing this stuff". I'm in the trenches. Which gives me an advantage over most of the so called experts out there.

I know how you feel and what you are faced with on a daily basis.

And heres the deal. 

I am going to open the vault and share with you everything I can to help you, help more people and make huge profits by becoming a Authority in your industry. 

INTRODUCING: Authority Academy Membership
A Proven Roadmap For Success.
In order to build a successful business and brand there are many key areas that you the business owner must pay attention too.

The 9 key pillars that you see above is the base foundation that we work from.

Inside our members area we have dozens of SIMPLE systems and frameworks that you can swipe and deploy. And with new TRAININGS added and updated frequently. You will always remain on the CUTTING EDGE!

So if you want trainings that cover:
  • EXACTLY where to start
  • How to create a movement based business
  • How to create YOUR Authority business model, product suite and more...
  • Understanding your clients perfect journey
  • How to build an email data base of highly targeted people who want what you have
  • How to generate thousands of highly targeted Facebook fans for FREE
  • Facebook advertising, Tracking Pixels, Facebook Live and so much more
  • How to start your very own PODCAST show from idea to having it published and syndicated
  • How to create and syndicate the right content for your marketplace
  • How to build your very own PR HOME BASE (Website) Yes, I teach you that as well...
  • How to build the DREAM TEAM
Let's cut to the chase. 

Why reinvent the wheel when it has already been created and is working successfully. 

Authority Academy will provide you with the SHORT CUTS needed to cut through the clutter. 
I'll Also Show You The Most Effective Ways To Use Facebook Advertising So You Are Not Flushing Your Hard Earned $$$ Down The Toilet
I'll Even Show You How We Get Results Like This On Our FB Fan Pages (Without actually spending anything on Advertising) 
And Then I'll Show You How To Turn Fans Into Leads Using FREE And PAID Methods 
You DO NOT have to do this alone. And why would you want to anyway...

Authority Academy comes with community support and accountability.

If you are ever stuck or just want some help from people how have been there already. Just ask. 

To find the BEST ANSWERS we must be asking the BEST QUESTIONS. Inside the community you can ask anything you like. This is coaching at its best.
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Want A Sneak Peek Into The Community?
  • The person who wants to turn their passion into a sustainable business
  • The person who wants to be a part of a community of like minded individuals who are all striving to be their best
  • The person who is FRUSTRATED with not knowing what to do
  • The person who WANTS support and guidance from people who are actually doing it, who are in the trenches
  • The person who wants the shortcuts, the systems so they can FAST TRACK their success.
  • MOTIVATED business owners who are wanting to make a change and are READY to do it
  • The person just starting out and the person who has been in business for years. There is always something to learn and amazing people to connect with.
  • The person who wants to create online products and programs
  • The person who is NOT TECH SAVY
  • Growing Library of Systems and Tools
  • Peer Support & Accountability
  • Exclusive Training Videos
  • Swipe Files, Templates & Exclusive Content
  • Ongoing Training and Live Online Coaching
  • Networking & JV Opportunities
  • Access & Coaching From Brett Inside The Community
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